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Pugmill Fundraiser

If you are in a position to sponsor the purchase of a pugmill, you can have recycled clay at reduced cost for the life of my studio! Investing in the future of our clay making and recycling process sustains your ability to enjoy all that the studio has to offer, and to continue to organically grow the studio and enrich the community.


You will also get the satisfaction and good feelings that come from knowing that you are helping us move towards the goal of having all 8 buckets of clay recycled before cold weather sets in, thus enabling students to work in the garage unhindered by clay buckets! 

Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 2.05.31 PM.png

Community Supported Pottery

By becoming a CSP Member you'll receive:


  • The cost of clay ($20) deducted from your next class session (any donation amount) 


  • Those who sponsor $100 and up will also receive a limited edition CWP mug in addition to a reduced rate on recycled clay ($10/bag)


  • Those who contribute $500 and above will receive all the above, plus a one of a kind woodfired piece made by Claire and fired this coming October in the Rochester Folk Art Guild's wood kiln.


Support Our Studio
Sponsor our purchase of a pugmill to recycle clay! Become a CSP Member today!

Thank you for helping us make a giant step towards sustainability!

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