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Pottery Workshop

Carve out your space for creative exploration and learning at our patio studio. 

Explore our workshops,
classes, lessons, and handmade pottery.

Montessori informed, student guided, with an emphasis on creative exploration and expression. Deepen skills through guided practice and allow artistic potential to emerge.


Education through sensory experience leads towards a deeper understanding of the material, the process, and of oneself in the natural world.

Our Approach

Starting in January 2021, a small portion of our home patio was insulated with plastic sheeting, plexiglass, and heated with a space heater. Arising as an organic response to world events, the studio began with nothing but a wheel, a 6”x 6” test kiln and a hand full of interested students. From there, the formation of Claire Willis Pottery LLC ensured the future direction and growth of the studio.


Today it houses a full sized, state of the art electric kiln we fire regularly to cone 6 (about 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit). Four electric pottery wheels and modular canvas work surfaces allow the studio to be adapted for both wheel throwing and handbuilding purposes. We offer a range of brush on and dip glazes, as well as decorating slips and underglazes. A variety of clays (including locally sourced clay from the ground!) are also available to try!

Our Studio


Our workshops are comprehensive introductions to new skills within clay working in a group setting. Follow the link below to view our current offerings.

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Classes meet once a week for 1 to 2 hours for 2 to 4 weeks depending on the class and are offered for a variety of disciplines, skill levels, and for both adult and children. 

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We offer Private, Semi-Private Lessons and group lessons. Lessons provide a space to explore your creativity and learn new techniques in a private setting.


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What our customers are saying...

"These lessons truly are a highlight for Ava. We can give her so much at home in terms of drawing and other flat media. But sculpture is clearly something she loves dearly. The ideas book is a testament to that!"

- David & Jo-nell Sieren 

"While we started pottery as a safe way to get out of the house, it quickly became something Henry looks forward to. Henry is proud of his creations! He protects them carefully on the ride home." 

- Henry's Mom

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